Top Things to Do in Corralejo
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The Canary Islands are full of quaint historic spots, amazing beaches, and wonderful food. Just how do you make the most of your vacation there? When visiting Corralejo, you want to spend your time immersed in the culture. Here are the top things to do in Corralejo for all interests and abilities.

1. Hire a Boat and Go Sailing

One of the best things about Corralejo is the ability to get away from it all. You can hire a boat and just get away from the people and the noise. The sea is one of the most beautiful spots. Take the chance to hire a private boat and go exploring. You don’t need to sail to another island for the exciting chances. There’s the chance to swim and scuba dive in the middle of the sea.

2. Visit the Parque Natural de Corralejo

The natural parks and beautiful sand dunes should not be missed. Even if you have no interest in the beach normally, the Parque Natural de Corralejo will help you see nature in a way you never expected. You can go for a walk along the trails or just sit back and relax, hearing the sea hit the shores. There are times that it’s windy, but don’t let that put you off. There are plenty of natural spots to take shelter for a while.

3. Spend Time at the Baku Family Park

What about when you want to take the kids somewhere fun? There are water slides, whirlpools, and more at the Baku Family Park. This is a must for kids and adults of all ages. Not interested in the water events? You’ll have access to 10-pin bowling, 18-hole golf, and so much more. This really is something for all interests. Just watch out, because you’ll want to go back the next day.

4. Go to the Rock Island Bar

While this may not be suitable for all ages, it’s something to consider if you have the chance. The Rock Island Bar is one of the most popular locations for tourists and locals. It’s full of live music, which will remind you of the exotic island you’re on.

5. Visit the Sunday El Campanario Market

If you’re visiting over a weekend, one of the top things to do in Corralejo is the Sunday market at El Campanario. This is a popular spot for the locals, but you’ll get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also a popular location for other items for sale, giving you a spot for gifts for the family back home and souvenirs for yourself. The products are mostly handmade crafts, showing the skill of the people.

6. Drive Out to Puerto del Rosario

While this isn’t quite in Corralejo, this is something you want to do. You’ll need to hire a car or catch a bus, as it’s about 30km from your location. However, it’s the capital of the island and full of tourist hot spots, amazing bars and restaurants, and the culture. When you want history, exploration, and beauty, this is definitely the place that you want to pay a visit. You will not be disappointed with the drive out, either!


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